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How Kormotech works under quarantine?

According to our data, about 8 million domestic cats and dogs live in Ukraine. Kormotech LLC provides 30% of the cat and dog food market in Ukraine. Therefore, our company continues to operate as usual.

According to our data, about 8 million domestic cats and dogs live in Ukraine. Kormotech LLC provides 30% of the cat and dog food market in Ukraine. Therefore, our company continues to operate as usual.

In particular, Kormotech’s products include diets regularly used to feed service dogs in strategically important structures (National Police of Ukraine in Lviv, Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Poltava; Interregional Quick Response Centre of the The State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Romny, Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and Ukrainian Defence Industry plant Zorya Mashproekt), as well as dogs and cats in sterilization centers and shelters.

According to the CEO of Kormotech, Rostyslav Vovk: «Suspension of our production facilities would make it impossible to provide the Ukrainian market with the necessary products. We are aware of our responsibility to our partners and four-legged consumers, because they want to eat too. We have taken all measures to prevent the spread of the infection at the enterprise. All decisions are made by a special headquarters».

The company has set up an anti-crisis headquarters to develop and implement a COVID-19 pandemic action plan for each employee and the company in general. The headquarters highlighted three priorities: employees safety, informing, and business continuity. Here are some of the decisions made:

  • 50% of all employees of the company work remotely from their homes;
  • At the beginning of the working day, each employee undergoes a thermometry, employees with fever or other signs of illness are not allowed into the production premises and other premises of the company;
  • Sanitizing dispensers have been installed in all production, storage and office premises;
  • All employees use personal protective equipment acquired by the enterprise;
  • Increased number of disinfection measures on premises 24/7:

in the daytime – disinfection of window latches, door latches, handrails, taps, water release buttons in bathrooms, toilet caps every hour,

at night – disinfection of the above every 4 hours;

  • Increased frequency of wet cleaning in production, storage and office space with the addition of disinfectants;
  • Cleaning and disinfection every 3 hours in the canteen and bathrooms, including the disinfection of tables, refrigerator doors, armrests, doors and buttons of microwave ovens, electric kettles;
  • Periodic ventilation of premises during technological breaks;
  • All drivers have gone through additional training and received disinfectants for regular use. The official transportation of workers to workplaces is carried out in accordance with government requirements;
  • Communication with third-party drivers in the processing of documents, loading and unloading works are being held at distances no less than 1-2 meters, after which our workers sanitize the hands and objects used during the processing (pen, stand, etc.).

Kormotech has also increased communication with its employees. Daily updates of messages on bulletin boards, newsletters via email, text messages, corporate chats and social media groups. The company has started holding online meetings. As most employees use smartphones, the staff has created a telegram channel that has become an operational communication channel. We also use the video address of the company CEO, because it is important for the employees to know that everything is OK at first hand.

«We follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health Care and WHO every day, and are ready to implement any additional recommendations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection among our workers. We hope that in the near future we will be able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and return to regimen. In the meantime, we take proper care of ourselves and continue to produce ready-made diets for your pets» – Rostyslav Vovk added.