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With a dog to work: the offices of company are dog-friendly even during the war

Kormotech started the tradition of taking dogs to the office at least once a year in 2013. This year, we also call for a Friday, June 24, in the company of our pet friend.

Every year on the last Friday in June, the world celebrates the day "Take a dog to work". For ten years in a row, Ukraine has joined the global initiative.

The trend of the humanization of domestic animals in Ukraine is booming. During the war, Ukrainian men and women take care of their pets, evacuate, rescue the abandoned, prefer their necessities instead of their own, and hand food to humanitarian aid. It is typical of the entire civilized world.

"In 2014, the situation was radically different. Most dogs in cities in the east of the country were left on the streets randomly, putting a significant strain on local zoo volunteers. Of course, there are such cases now, but they are much fewer. In none of the shelters for the temporarily displaced persons we visited, was there a question of denying pet owners. Staying a cat or dog indoors with others is the norm. Everyone is understanding," says Kateryna Kovalyuk, PR director of the company, initiator of the All-Ukrainian Day "Take a Dog to Work".

In the office, coworking space, coffee shop, or home, many people in Ukraine now work daily in the company of their four-legged companion. A dog at work helps to better concentrate on tasks, build close relationships with colleagues and improve the team's atmosphere. It is evidenced by numerous studies.

On June 24, let us remind the whole world that we are fighting for the victory of civilization over darkness, for the independence of the entire Ukrainian society, of which our favorites are a part. These are family members, and we are regaining Ukrainian freedom for all. Join us! 

We love cats as much as we love dogs. However, they do not take part in this event. Let's not forget that historically, a dog is attached to a person, and a cat is attached to the place where it lives. New premises, new people, and other previously unknown animals will cause enormous stress for the cat. So leave the cat colleagues to keep the guard at home.


More information

The action was launched in 1999 in the USA. Since then, dog-friendly offices have become increasingly popular in Canada, America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian day "Take a dog to work" was initiated by Kormotech. Lviv businesses were the first to join in 2013. Over time, this practice has become part of the corporate culture of many Ukrainian companies with the support of the CLUB 4 PAWS brand. So Kormotech embodies its mission to change the attitude toward four-legged animals in Eastern Europe. To this end, it conducts various social initiatives: a course of humane education for schoolchildren, "Club 4 Paws", a training school for veterinarians in conjunction with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and a free hotline windstorm 9100. In 2022 after a full-scale Russian invasion Save Pets of Ukraine, which has already distributed more than 300 tons of cat and dog food in all regions of the country.