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Pets - like children. They also need to be saved from war

The scale of the disaster is huge.

Victims of civilians, refugees, housing and infrastructure destruction, and supply chains and water blocking. Children and their pets became hostages. Many animals remain abandoned on the streets, and shelters are on the verge of survival. Kormotech has committed itself to coordinate animal rescue efforts and has set up the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative. We identify the problems of animal owners, zoo volunteers, and shelters and help them meet their needs. We are currently closing everything with our facilities and remnants, but we will soon need financial and physical assistance from abroad.

- We identify problems of animal owners, zoo volunteers, and shelters
- We help them solve their problems physically and informationally
- Attract external funding to work with partners
- We support and cover the scale of the catastrophe to increase the pressure on the Petker players of the Russian Federation in the stopped wars
- We are lobbying for amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Humanitarian Aid" in terms of granting the status of humanitarian aid to goods for animals

You can leave an application for assistance to our fund here.