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Kormotech initiated a census of animal shelters in Ukraine

The project was launched within the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative. It will help to create an effective system of timely and regular care for dogs and cats.

Since 2014, Kormotech has taken care of cats and dogs who suffered from russian aggression in Ukraine. After February 24, the company launched the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative, which formed a global aid chain, uniting charities and businesses worldwide. Thanks to the project, it has already been possible to save more than 200,000 pets.

Since the beginning of the great war, the number of homeless dogs and cats in Ukraine has increased significantly. New shelters have appeared that save pets through their efforts but still need support. Covers that care for them are overcrowded. To provide them with more systematic and practical assistance, Kormotech initiated a census of animal shelters. The database of such refuges will be created for the first time in Ukraine.

The project provides the following:

  • identification of problems and needs of institutions caring for pets;
  • creating and maintaining a register of organizations that administer and maintain shelters;
  • identification of new establishments.

The Socioinform research center carries out the census. The base includes shelters, sterilization centers, and animal volunteers who care for at least 20 dogs and cats.

The search takes place in two stages. At first, shelters are searched through Google services. And only then by the "snowball method" - when the agent who got into the base recommends animal volunteers in the city and region.

Based on the collected data, strategic animal assistance programs will be developed and implemented.