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Kormotech debut in Asia

The team participated in the Pet Fair South East Asia, the first large-scale exhibition in Southeast Asia. We presented the Optimeal and Club 4 Paws brands and talked about the war in Ukraine.

Kormotech is committed to developing its capacity. Product presentation at Pet Fair South East Asia is one of the ways to achieve the desired goal.

The event occurred on October 26-28 in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The exhibition brought together more than 6,000 pet industry representatives from more than 60 countries.

I show that despite difficulties, business in Ukraine work, develops and provides quality services. Participation in such events gives several advantages: research of market features, search for partners, and building recognition of Kormotech products worldwide. Industry pet food events also allow a company with Ukrainian roots to tell a different truth about the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Exhibition visitors were interested in Kormotech products. The Optimeal brand attracts with its packaging, which looks perfect and motivates them to buy the product. Club 4 Paws caused no less interest with its Selection line.

There is a request for specific recipes and ingredients, for example, without using pork in the diet. Taking into account the local characteristics of the country or region contributes to better globalization of the company.

Kormotech's Europeanness, particularly its production in Lithuania, strengthens trust in companies and brands. The simultaneous export map, where 33 countries are already represented, demonstrates the reliability and power of our partners.

The Kormotech team met with representatives of local manufacturers regarding cooperation and the possibility of outsourced production.

We received many requests for cooperation from distributors. We have 44 new sales contacts in different countries — Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

We have previously agreed on the start of registration of the Optimeal brand in Malaysia.